How much longer would you live if you breathed clean air?

"The University of Chicago’s Air Quality Life Index project [is] the gold standard on global air quality research...AQLI maintains a remarkable and easy-to-use tool that allows you to trace that answer down to the county level, all around the world and working back through 24 years of data."

David Wallace-Wells

New York Times Opinion Writer

"The AQLI tool is important. It arms people with the information they need to get motivated, to speak up and to demand action from politicians, policy makers and business leaders so we can all have the chance to breathe easier."

Gina McCarthy

White House National Climate Advisor;
Former Administrator, U.S. EPA

“Establishing the first fine particulate matter air quality standards at the EPA was the proudest moment of my career. The AQLI is the first tool of its kind to sharply show why: reducing this kind of pollution allows people to live longer and healthier lives. This new data demonstrates why EPA and other agencies should leverage the latest possible science and data to continue to establish standards that save lives."

Carol Browner

Former Director, White House Office of Energy and Climate Change Policy;
Former Administrator, U.S. EPA;
Senior Counselor, Albright Stonebridge Group

"The AQLI clearly demonstrates that particulate pollution, driven largely by the burning of fossil fuels, is the world's leading threat to life expectancy. To extend lives and mitigate the risks of climate change, we must transform our energy systems at an unprecedented pace."

Ernest Moniz

Former Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy;
Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics and Engineering Systems, MIT;
CEO, Energy Futures Initiative

"California has been at the forefront of air quality regulation in the United States since the 1940's. From tough emissions standards for cars and trucks, to cutting toxic pollution from fuels and paints, we have worked hard to protect air quality while preserving economic growth. The AQLI demonstrates why this work is so vital. Improving the air we breathe improves and lengthens the lives we live."

Mary Nichols

Chair, California Air Resources Board

“There are a lot of studies on how air pollution is affecting you and your loved ones. What the AQLI does is provide a deep insight into how air pollution may limit the number of years we live. The news is not good for places like Delhi and many others specially in north India. But hopefully reports like this will lead to discussions and solutions, especially between citizens and their elected representatives.”

Chetan Bhattacharji

Climate and Air Pollution Consultant;
Former Senior Managing Editor, NDTV

The AQLI At Work

How Can Air Pollution Policies Extend Lives?

The AQLI provides a metric to determine the benefits of air pollution policies in terms of extended lives in countries throughout the world. Explore the following analyses: