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August 12, 2020

Air Pollution Is Cutting Life Expectancy By Two Years, Despite Global Efforts To Improve Air Quality During The Coronavirus Pandemic, Study Reveals

Air pollution lowered global life expectancy by nearly two years, according to a new report.
Dan Avery

Air pollution continues to cut global life expectancy, despite efforts worldwide to improve air quality.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 4.2 million people die every year due to outdoor air pollution, making it a bigger threat to human health than cigarette smoking, AIDS and tuberculosis.

Particulate matter is a mixture of solid and liquid particles in the air created by traffic, construction sites, burning fossil fuels, and other sources.

For at least two decades, the Air Quality Life Index (AQLI) has found that particulate matter pollution has reduced life expectancy worldwide by almost two years, compared to what it would be if air quality met WHO’s standards.

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