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October 25, 2020

How China Managed to Consistently Reduce PM 2.5 Concentrations in Recent Years

A 2018 analysis on why China is winning the war on pollution is featured in Hindustan Times.
Jayashree Nandi

China did not figure among the ten countries with the highest per capita PM 2.5 exposure in the world, a ranking India topped, a reality that experts say reinforces the need for the latter to take concerted, ambitious actions that may be the only way to address a persistent problem that affects the lives hundreds of millions of people.

The State of Global Air 2020 report released earlier this week shows that China is now among the top 30 countries for pollution exposure, but it still bears a huge health burden owing to demographic factors. China recorded 1.42 million premature deaths attributed to PM 2.5 exposure, compared to 980,000 in India in 2019, according to the report.

Michael Greenstone, Milton Friedman Professor in Economics at University of Chicago and Patrick Schwarz, pre-doctoral fellow at Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago documented in 2018 why China is winning the war on pollution in their analysis with the same title.

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